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Here I'll be sharing insights from my professional experiences and studies in data science and web development. There'll be plenty of Wagtail, Django and Python, a bit of JavaScript and CSS thrown in, and more on data science & engineering. There might even be a bit of time for some project management and business analysis too.

I'll also provide insights into how this site was made, as well as code examples and thoughts on how those could be further developed.

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Add Unaccent Support in PostgreSQL Search

Add Unaccent Support in PostgreSQL Search

PostgreSQL has a some pretty useful NLP search capabilities out of the box. However, PostgreSQL search backends will only load the character set native to the language you've set your backend to use. Accented words on an English site won't be searchable with unaccented terms for example.

I show a quick way to load the full extended character set into a custom backend and take you through how to verify that the search is indexing and returning results as desired from the command prompt. Finally, I'll use the custom backend for my Wagtail site search to return pages with unaccented queries.
2023-01-08 00:01:22 UTC
Upgrade PostgreSQL Server: A Simplified Guide for Windows and Ubuntu

Upgrade PostgreSQL Server: A Simplified Guide for Windows and Ubuntu

Upgrading PostgreSQL server binaries and clusters is critical for ensuring the performance, security, and stability of your database.

This guide will equip you with the knowledge and confidence to efficiently upgrade your PostgreSQL server without wading through pages of dense documentation.
2024-05-17 05:45:18 UTC