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Here I'll be sharing insights from my professional experiences and studies in data science and web development. There'll be plenty of Wagtail, Django and Python, a bit of JavaScript and CSS thrown in, and more on data science & engineering. There might even be a bit of time for some project management and business analysis too.

I'll also provide insights into how this site was made, as well as code examples and thoughts on how those could be further developed.

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Creating Responsive Font Sizes Based on the Viewport

Creating Responsive Font Sizes Based on the Viewport

Previously, responsive typography required a series of media queries, font definitions, and other complexities. All of that has changed thanks to widespread browser support for variable fonts and the all-important CSS clamp() function.

I'll show you how to linearly scale text between a set of minimum and maximum sizes when the width of the viewport changes, with the goal of making its behaviour at different screen sizes more predictable without the use of media queries and with only one line of CSS. Use the on-screen calculator to build your font sizes.